Nuts, Bolts and Scissors


Learn how to turn ordinary household tools into fine motor projects for your child


Mrs. Gogolewski and Mrs. Maxa show you how.

What Else?

Want more ways to strengthen your child’s hands?

Nuts and Bolts

  • Go through all sizes
  • Use several nuts on one bolt.  This will add weight to strengthen your child’s wrist.
  • Repeat using non-dominant hand.


  • Draw crooked lines, squiggly lines or dotted lines in funny shapes.

Mmmm, Cheerios

  • Take a piece of paper and draw a straight line down the middle.  Place a small pile of Cheerios on one side of the line.  Using the thumb and index finger, transfer one Cheerio to the other side of the line.  Repeat using middle, ring and pinky fingers.  Using the same hand and technique, bring one Cheerio at a time back to the original side.
  • Repeat using non-dominant hand.

Beads and string

  • Take a child’s arm length of string (plastic necklace string works best) and tie it off at one end.  If you have an big button sitting around, it works best to use that as the anchor at the end.  This way the bead (or whatever you are stringing) won’t slide off.
  • Using Fruit Loops or beads or large dry noodles, begin stringing one at a time.
  • Repeat using non-dominant hand.


  • Take pennies and place them on the line that you used for the Cheerios activity.  Place them all heads up or tails up.
  • Using the thumb and pointer finger, flip each penny over.
  • Using the same thumb and finger, go back and flip them back to original side.
  • You can vary this by making an X on a paper as well.
  • Repeat using non-dominant hand.

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