Writing with Ruby March 28th 2016

This week we read chapter one of Hello Ruby again.  We really focused in on what imagination is and how we all have big ones!  After reading the chapter we brainstormed programs we would want to teach Ruby.  As a class we wrote the following:

  • How to make a sandwich
  • How to brush your teeth
  • How to do your homework
  • How to make a snowman

After we got pretty good as a group in figuring out how to write specific programs (or sets of instructions) for someone to follow we each went and created our own “How to……” writing.  These ideas were amazing!  Students created instructions from turning on the TV to peeling and orange.  We are almost finished with these and plan to send them home after next week’s session.

Each session we are ending with a reflection prompt so students can take time and think about a specific idea or thing they want to share.  This week the question was “What was your favorite part of Coding Club”.  A lot of great answers and things for me to continue to incorporate in Club.  Our plan is to have another family night in May-so stay tuned!

Hard at work reflecting on coding!


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