Spring Break Ideas-Shoe Tying.


Are you in need of an activity to work on over the spring break?  Is your child ready to make the transition to laces on their shoes?  Well if that is the case check out a few resources that have been shared with us that might help you.

Shoe Tying Made Easy

Tips and Tricks for Learning How to Tye Shoes


Clip from a previous blog post HERE

Here at the Woodson Kindergarten center we encourage students to be as independent as possible in taking care of themselves.  One of those skills is tying shoes!

Here are some helpful hints and tips when teaching your child how to tie.

Tie something bigger

  • Like a jump rope around a tree trunk!

Use two different color shoe laces

  • This also supports identifying left and right

Sit behind your child, or have you child on your lap

  • Drawstring pants or bag is a great alternative!

Be patient

  • Let your child guide you.  Children are developmentally ready tie shoes at age 5 -6.  If given enough practice, most children will be able to tie their shoes by 1st grade.

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