Algorithms and Kindergartners

This week we spent a little time reviewing vocabulary and started working in our reflection journals.  Each student has a Jeffers Journal now to record thoughts, ideas and things we are learning in class.  This week we discussed how building a sandwich last week is just like an Algorithm!

Algorithm:  A list of steps that you can follow to finish a task.

Program:  An algorithm that has been coded into something that can be run by a machine.

We worked as a group to solve a challenge creating a program with our journals then we broke up into groups of three to solve and create our own challenges.  Parents-your child will be bring home a page of coding with Flurb for YOU to create an algorithm for :).

We also read chapter one of Hello Ruby-Adventures in Coding.  This week we learned about her big imagination.

No class next week due to spring break but feel free to review previous posts or try some of the app’s we are using in class.






IMG_0578[1] IMG_0575[1]


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