Creating Code in Uncommon Ways

This week we took a step back and tried some Coding Unplugged activities.  We reviewed all our words but focused on two specific words this week:  Code and Sequence.

Today I will solve real-world problems using our coding vocabulary.

We talked about how Programmers create the code so the ‘robots’ can follow the code.  Then we put our code writing skills to the test.

We created code to help Mrs. Cabeen make a sandwich.  Yep-creating specific step by step directions is another way to write code.  It was interesting to watch the students think aloud in regards to the steps it takes to make a sandwich (or in our case buttering ritz crackers).  After we created our line of code we had another teacher come in and try our code out on her to see if we got it right and we did!


Next we reviewed the commands for BeeBot and then attempted a few different challenges-as always there is more fun than time-so we will bring those back next week.


After Spring Break we will have more fun in store-stay tuned!

Mrs. Cabeen



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