Coding Club: Driver Control Day #packintrain #codinginK

BIG WEEK THIS WEEK-We met Sphero!  Sphero is a ‘spherical robot’  capable of rolling around, and controlled by a smartphone or tablet. We met Sphero last week so the students had a heads up of what it looked like and how we could use it the next week.   

Students were also introduced to the Draw and Drive App which was how we controlled our robot today.

This week we reviewed introduced the Learning Objectives of:

  • I will learn vocabulary words that will help me program
  • I will work with other students to problem solve  Challenges on the iPad and with the Robots
  • I will understand the relationship between the commands I make and the directions that the Robot moves.
  • I will learn how to ‘pair’ Sphero to the iPad.

Vocabulary reviewed today included:

  • Sequence:  Commands that are executed by a computer
  • Command:  A specific instruction given to a computer in written code by a programmers.
  • Pairing:  the way we ‘connect’ Sphero to the iPad
  • Bluetooth: the wireless connection that supports the pairing.

Lesson Overview:

  • We first talked about how to safely handle the iPad and Sphero in class.
  • Next we broke off into partners and decided who would program and who would monitor Sphero.
  • To start and have a better understanding of commands and directions we used hula hoops to give us physical boundaries in the gym.
  • We started programming our robot to make simple shapes and then we progressed into having the robot change colors when it was moving.

THEN we added an extra challenge:Create a line back and forth that incorporates 3 different colors.

The results-the kids did fantastic!  They really picked up on programing and pairing quickly today-please let them know at home what a great job they did!

Prior to leaving class today we all practiced a little mindful breathing as we wanted to make sure our energy levels were showing we were ready to walk back to class by ourselves.

Let me know via Remind or give me a call if you have questions.  You are always free to stop in and join our class anytime!


Mrs. Cabeen



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