Meeting Daisy. #PackinTrain #CodinginK

Thank you all for your ongoing supporting of the Woodson Coding Club!  I really appreciated getting to meet many of you at conferences and enjoyed watching the excitement of your faces when your child demonstrated their learning on BeeBot for you.  If you missed me at conferences and want to try out BeeBot-just send me a note or give me a call and I can set up again in the office.

This week we were introduced to Daisy the Dinosaur.

Learn the basics of computer programming with Daisy the Dinosaur! This free, fun app has an easy drag and drop interface that kids of all ages can use to animate Daisy to dance across the screen. Kids will intuitively grasp the basics of objects, sequencing, loops and events by solving this app’s challenges. After playing Daisy, kids can choose to download a kit to program their own computer game

Daisy is a program that will extend the commands that we have learned with BeeBot into a format that starts to look more like what actual programming code looks like.  Students will ‘grab’ commands and move it into the programming box in order of how they want Daisy to move.  After each Challenge is completed they move onto the next one until all challenges are completed-then the teams can move into ‘free play mode’ and try to create their own code.

This step will prepare us for and hopscotch as well as our next robot-Sphero.

This week we reviewed and introduced the Learning Objectives of:

  • I will learn vocabulary words that will help me program
  • I will work with other students to problem solve  Challenges on the iPad and with the Robots
  • I will utilize positional language (forward/back/right turn/left turn) to communicate with my team, Robots, BeeBot app and Daisy the Dinosaur App.
  • I will understand the relationship between the commands I make and the directions that the Robot moves.

Vocabulary reviewed today included:

  • Sequence:  Commands that are executed by a computer
  • Command:  A specific instruction given to a computer in written code by a programmers.
  • Code:  The language written by humans to communicate with computers to complete a process; programming language that gives instructions to a computer.

Vocabulary introduced today:

  • Turn, Grow, Jump, Spin (Daisy the Dinosaur).
  • ‘When’ command

If you missed it here is the recent spot on KAAL about coding club:  KAAL Spot



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