Demonstrating our Learning #PackinTrain

Week Three of Coding Club!

Thank you for supporting your child’s participation in class-we have had another great week developing our vocabulary and application of new learning.

This week we continued the Learning Objectives of:

  • I will learn vocabulary words that will help me program
  • I will work with other students to problem solve  Challenges on the iPad and with the Robots
  • I will utilize positional language (forward/back/right turn/left turn) to communicate with my team and BeeBot

Vocabulary reviewed today included:

  • Sequence:  Commands that are executed by a computer
  • Command:  A specific instruction given to a computer in written code by a programmers.
  • Code:  The language written by humans to communicate with computers to complete a process; programming language that gives instructions to a computer.

During conferences this week I will leave a BeeBot and Mat in my office-please stop by and have your child demonstrate his/her learning for you.

A new area of focus for our class this week includes the following:

Exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity

During the class we are really working towards solving problems as a team instead of relying on the adults in the room.  These productive struggles can be frustrating at first-but by developing independence in our young learners they will carry forward in so many other aspects of their life.

We are looking forward to adding some new robots and app’s to continue our learning. Students are getting pretty good at understanding the coding and utilizing the iPad’s independently so I am planning on introducing a new robot friend next week. Stay tuned.


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