And We Are Off! 1/26/2016 #PackInTrain #CodinginK

Today was a great day to start off the Coding Clubs!  We have two classes and over 25 students participating already.

Our Learning Objectives today included:

  • I will learn vocabulary words that will help me program BeeBot
  • I will work with other students to describe how we code BeeBot to the right shape.

The students had a really interesting discussion about robots and if they are living or nonliving.  We also shared examples of our own experiences with robots at our homes.

We started the lesson learning about positional language (Forward/Backwards/Left/Right) and played a fun game called ‘Human Robots’. Check out #PackinTrain on twitter for the video.

Vocabulary introduced today included:

  • Sequence: Also known as the order of events, commands that are executed by a computer exactly as they are written. The sequence must be in the correct order for the program to run properly.
  • Command: A specific instruction given to a computer in written code from a Programmer.
  • Code: The language written by humans to communicate with computers to complete a process; programming language that gives instructions to a computer.

Then we got right to work.  Each team had a person with a specific role and name tag.

  • Programmer-Team Captain.  Determines the directions the BeeBot needs to go to complete the challenge.
  • Input Engineer-Student who enters the commands in BeeBot.
  • Debugger-Student who helps to fix errors in commands if the BeeBot doesn’t complete the challenge.
  • Recorder-Person who finds the cards that match the programmers commands.

Today we had the BeeBot move from one shape/color to another.  After a successful sequence was created we switched roles and tried another challenge.  We will be extending these challenges next week while continuing to develop our vocabulary.

Thank you so much for allowing me to have your child in our class-it is a blast!


Mrs. Cabeen





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