Parents We Need Your Help-October 2015

In the video Critter Connection we asked families during conferences the following question:

What do you talk with your child with at home?

Many studies show that increasing a child’s vocabulary has impact on their reading abilities at school which can lead to many other positive school outcomes.  Things we really need help with to make sure our students leave on track for first grade include:

  • Have thought provoking conversations with your child (introduce new words, expand on what they say, ask them to tell you the BEST thing that happened today).
  • Read aloud and have books all over the house.
  • Talk everywhere and as much as you can with your child.  Daily conversations with your child can many opportunities for increased vocabulary development.

We would love to gather more ideas in regards to developing opportunities for increasing conversations at home.  If you have an idea please comment on this blog or the Facebook post with your child’s teacher name. We will give away “Raising Kids with Care” poster from the Search Institute to the first 30 answers.

Additional Resources:

The 32-Million Word Gap

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4 thoughts on “Parents We Need Your Help-October 2015

  1. I ask my kids three questions at bedtime.
    1. What was your favorite part of the day?
    2. Did anything bad happen or something that made you uncomfortable.
    3. What did you do today to help someone or make someone happy.
    I feel like the questions help open their minds. They reflect on their days and being a caring critter.
    These questions are also questions to to bond and the answers are endless.


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